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•  모집부문 :
Install and Licensing Technician
•  업무내용 :
As the Customer Service, Installation and Licensing Specialist you will be required to understand and perform all aspects of Customer Service, including installation and licensing support, related to the normal day to day requests of MathWorks customers via phones, email, and Web.

You must have working knowledge of Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and the aptitude to learn our software license manager (FLEXnet) and licensing model. Daily responsibilities will include: troubleshooting and resolving customers' installation issues, passcode generation, and explaining our licensing model. Project work will also be required.

You will be interacting with our Development, Customer Service, and Technical Support Groups by playing a key role in advising and implementing changes to our license model and installation process.

Customer and Install Support - The majority of time will be spent servicing both internal and external customer requests via the phone, email and web. Must be resourceful, display excellent decision-making, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and show a proper amount of empathy for our customers. Must also be a champion for our customers. This person will have direct supervision, but should be able to work independently.

Project related activities- Projects will be assigned based on individual's career objectives and departmental needs. They will be responsible for: identifying and implementing ideas for process and policy improvements; writing and reviewing solutions; and participating on cross-functional teams and pursuing their career objectives.
•  고용형태 :

지원 자격

•  직무관련 :
Minimum Qualifications
- A bachelor's degree and 3 years of professional work experience (or equivalent experience) is required.
- Candidates for this position must be authorized to work in Korea.

Additional Qualifications
Required Skills

• Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering is a plus
• 1-3 years Customer Service, Installation Support or Technical Support experience (Phone In Support)
• Working knowledge of at least one of those areas such as Networking(TCP/IP) or License Management with OS knowledge (Linux, Windows, or Mac)
• Demonstrated problem solving skills
• Strong verbal and written communication skills in both Japanese and English
• Strong prioritization skill and well organized
• Excellent decision making skills
• Follow through on tasks to completion
• Ability to identify and implement process and policy improvements
• Strong customer service skills
• Business level English (Minimum TOEIC score 700)


•  지원방법 :
하단 지원하기 클릭 후 홈페이지 지원
•  접수기간 :
08월28일 ~ 채용시마감

추가 정보

•  기타정보 :
Why MathWorks?
It’s the chance to collaborate with bright, passionate people. It’s contributing to software products that make a difference in the world. And it’s being part of a company with an incredible commitment to doing the right thing – for each individual, our customers, and the local community.

MathWorks develops MATLAB and Simulink, the leading technical computing software used by engineers and scientists. The company employs 5000 people in 16 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A. MathWorks is privately held and has been profitable every year since its founding in 1984.
* 마감일은 기업의 사정으로 인해 조기 마감 또는 변경될 수 있습니다

MathWorks는 1984년에 Jack Little과 Cleve Moler가 설립했습니다. Little과 Moler는 당시 Fotran 및 C와 같은 언어로 제공되던 컴퓨팅 환경을 넘어 엔지니어와 과학자들에게 보다 강력하고 생산적인 컴퓨팅 환경이 필요하다는 사실을 깨달았습니다. Little과 Moler는 수학, 공학, 컴퓨터과학에 대한 전문 지식을 바탕으로 MATLAB을 개발했습니다.

MathWorks는 엔지니어와 과학자들을 무엇보다 중시합니다.
엔지니어와 과학자들은 인간 지식의 지평을 넓히고 삶의 표준을 높여 줍니다.
MATLAB과 Simulink는 엔지니어와 과학자들이 최고의 성과를 낼 수 있도록 지원하기 위해 개발되었습니다.
- 채용시 조기 마감될 수 있습니다

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