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As a Professional Services Lead in Korea, I focus on creating a technology-led, growth-enabled Professional Services organization that delivers a seamless and optimized customer experience with a world-class services level. I proactively care about customer IT challenges and difficulties by leveraging Dell Technologies' world-wide support and service structures while delivering consulting, residency and deployment services. I also manage trust-based relationships with customers, partners and internal leaders to continue to help customers succeed.


kyengdong group photo   After starting my professional career as a software developer many years ago, I've worked in various roles within services including an IT services provider, a consulting firm, and an IT solutions company. In all of these roles, I’ve always been keen on delivering end-to-end solutions and services to customers that set their businesses up for success. Joining Dell in 2019 was a perfect match. Dell wants to become the most essential technology company from edge to Cloud with full portfolio solutions and tens of thousands of professionals around the globe. I was lucky enough to join Dell as a member of one of the strongest leadership teams representing the most dedicated group to customer success.


  Although I joined an exceptional team, I still faced challenges. To run the Professional Services business effectively, I had to learn the technology, solutions, and details of work activities. To overcome these obstacles, I made an effort to understand and follow the defined processes and procedures to gain an understanding of the overall business flow and areas of focus. I also followed the golden rule of asking for help from team members, stakeholders, and even customers. For technical areas, our subject matter experts were my top helpers back then. Apart from my actual work, cultural differences are another difficulty that new employees faced. As a team leader, this was particularly difficult, but I was able to learn from experienced senior leaders and leadership teams. Their practical tips and advice allowed me to successfully start helping members transform into a new area. At Dell, transformation is a way of life as they guide customers toward a future of transformation.



As I faced various challenges, Dell assisted me in developing my skills and abilities in numerous areas. Dell provides numerous opportunities that align with personal ambitions. Even if it's a temporary role, individuals can gain valuable knowledge and experience from the assignment. For example, I had the opportunity to take on an additional program manager role across Asia Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) on enabling project managers in a complex project. While working with project managers in this role, I gained a clear understanding of the challenges and areas for improvement. Additionally, I learned best practices that were effective in certain countries and applied them to the business in Korea. 



Another point that I’d like to share is to have many outstanding mentors who had many coaching sessions and gave feedback for me. Finally, I must mention the importance of "winning together", a core value at Dell that encourages teamwork and collaboration among individuals. By promoting this mindset, we can cultivate a culture of support.

I feel so proud when I witness my team members grow personally and professionally, have an open mind, and prioritize diversity and inclusion. I look forward to their continuous growth, and I encourage others out there to join Dell and experience the same valuable learning opportunities.

To learn more about life at Dell, please visit our stories.


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