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My first year at Bloomberg: “The company has empowered me to continuously challenge myself.”

Soomi Oh is a Market Data Analyst at Bloomberg’s Singapore office. Here, she shares more about her first year at Bloomberg – what excites her most about her role, the importance of goal-setting, and how she envisions her career developing in the future.

After graduating from university in 2019, I decided to join Bloomberg’s Global Data team in Singapore as a Market Data Analyst. Bloomberg is an integral part of the financial markets ecosystem, and the Bloomberg Terminal is an absolute necessity for big players in the industry. The chance to be part of such a trusted and influential company was what motivated me to apply for a job here.

Shaping the financial universe

Market Data Analysts are essential to the inner workings of the Bloomberg Terminal, which is Bloomberg’s main product. My colleagues and I are responsible for producing data that ultimately moves and shapes the financial universe – a task that excites me very much. I also like that my job enables me to explore my passion for both finance and data analytics, and continuously challenges me to innovate and grow – especially as the financial industry is becoming more programmatic and data-driven.

My role involves a lot of data production, which essentially centers on acquiring, processing, maintaining and publishing Loans product data on the Bloomberg Terminal in a timely and accurate manner. I continuously work to optimize processes, and to improve the quantity and quality of our dataset. I also often participate in regional and global projects to contribute to the improvement of our data products.

I like to focus on data production tasks in the morning, when my concentration is best; this helps me to better deliver accurate and error-free data to clients. I feel more creative and extroverted in the afternoon, so I tend to schedule meetings and work on projects then. Throughout the day, I also answer various client queries related to Loans data and functions, which come in via email, phone call or the Bloomberg Help Desk. I really like interacting with clients and helping them to utilize our data effectively. This makes me feel that I am truly adding value and making a positive impact.

A diverse workplace

Bloomberg’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and creativity is not superficial – everyone is actively encouraged to bring new and different ideas to the table, and to communicate with one another openly and transparently. Collaborating with diverse groups of people helps me to develop better ideas and reminds me that I am part of something bigger.

I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues, many of whom are scattered across APAC – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. Although I have never physically met my teammates from other offices, I have built strong relationships with them through project discussions and even by playing online games via  video conference. I have colleagues outside of APAC as well, and it is great learning about the standards and processes we have globally. Also, colleagues from different regions have different perspectives, which really enriches team discussions.

Of course, I also greatly appreciate my colleagues in my local office, whom I have built strong friendships with. They help me to stay motivated and productive every day, and have boosted my happiness both in and outside the workplace.

The importance of communication and goal-setting

One of the key lessons I have learned during my time at Bloomberg so far is effective communication. At Bloomberg, we constantly interact with clients and work closely with different departments across the organization. I have been exposed to various projects since the early stages of my career; I have also been given structured training opportunities, which have improved my ability to communicate my ideas and enabled me to build stronger relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

In addition, I have learned how to properly set career goals. In school, goal-setting was fairly simple – all we had to do was to take a set number of modules, attain a certain grade or GPA, and eventually graduate. I have since discovered that it is way more open-ended and challenging in the workplace! Fortunately, my team leader, who is also my line manager, offered me a lot of guidance; she also gave me opportunities to work on various projects, thereby enabling me to discover what I like to do best. Moreover, I talked to a few senior colleagues who experienced similar uncertainties about their career goals when they first started out, which really helped a lot. This has enabled me to frame my long-term career goals more clearly, while staying motivated in my day-to-day job.

A future filled with opportunities

All in all, my first year at Bloomberg has been one filled with lots of growth and achievement; it has also empowered me to continuously challenge myself and push my boundaries.

I definitely see myself pursuing a long-term career at Bloomberg. In addition to wonderful people and a truly admirable culture, the company offers various paths for career development. For example, in my current department (Global Data), there are opportunities to become a subject matter expert, specialize in a line of technology, or take up a management role. I have seen other colleagues moving across departments as well.

For potential candidates looking to join the company, my practical tip is to visit the Bloomberg careers site or attend one of our recruitment events! They will give you a better understanding of our product, business and culture. Also, be sure that your career goals align with the responsibilities of the role you are interested in. This will help to determine if the role – and the company – is the right fit for you.


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